Working groups

Scientific work plan methods and means

The work plan is structured to be flexible enough to permit the inclusion of disciplinary perspectives and activities not foreseen during proposal preparation or at the start of the Action. It is articulated through the following four Working Groups, matching the previously described tasks and objectives of the Action: WG1 – Environmental and health data; WG2 – Methods and tools for exposure assessment; WG3 – Methods and tools for health risk and health impact assessment; WG4 – Risk management and communication. Moreover, each WG, accordingly to its own task, will contribute to develop a training Module for early-stage researchers on “Environmental health in contaminated sites”.

The WGs are planned to reach the following goals:

  1. clarify needs and priorities among participating countries on the environmental health issues related to industrial contamination in Europe,
  2. support collection of available information, methods and data,
  3. promote shared initiatives and develop guidance and resources on exposure evaluation, risk assessment, management and communication across Europe,
  4. allow a comparative reading and interpretation of existing data on health of citizens who live in contaminated sites,
  5. create the conditions for the undertaking of comparable health impact assessments of contaminated sites in Europe,
  6. promote guidance on interventions to protect and promote public health in contaminated areas.

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