Working Group 3. Health risk and health impact

Working Group 3. Health risk and health impact

Identification and evaluation of methods and tools to guide health risk and health impact assessment in industrially contaminated sites

Goals for collaborative work in Task 3 concern the identification of needs and priorities on methods and strategies to assess environmental health risks and impacts, which in turn will help protect and promote public health in industrially Contaminated Sites.

The technical means will consist in review and critical analysis of environmental health studies on contaminated sites and of available methodology on health impact assessments (HIA), accounting also for social inequalities.

The main goal of this Task is to evaluate the available knowledge to provide the requirements to conduct health impact assessments and EBD assessments in the field of industrially contaminated sites.

Integrated measures of population health, such as quantifications of environmental burden of disease (EBD), are very promising, since they are useful for setting priorities in environmental health policies and research. These methods, in fact, represents a valuable tool for comparative analyses of the health impact of different pollutants in diverse polluted areas within and among different countries of the European Region.

The Working Group 3 Members

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