Working Group 1. Environmental and health data

Working Group 1. Environmental and health data

Identification of needs and priorities to guide the collection and organization of environmental and health data concerning industrially contaminated sites

Goals for collaborative work in this Task includes producing plans of a system, criteria and requirements to standardize and harmonize the collection and organization of data on environment, health and other characteristics of populations residing in industrially contaminated sites.

This represents a crucial propaedeutic basis to address the production of reliable assessments of the health impact of different sources of pollution in contaminated areas across the European Region, allowing for the inclusion of socioeconomic factors.

A specific topic of this Task is to define standardized and common criteria for the characterization of industrially contaminated sites in each participating country; a second topic is the definition of rules, recommendations and guidance on how relevant data should be collected, validated and organized to be informative to carry out impact assessments.

The Working Group 1 Members

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