How networking within the Action will yield the objectives

Strong networking, supported by effective facilitation mechanisms, is essential.
The question of human health in contaminated sites is multi-faceted at the level of problem framing, study design, methodology, analysis, interpretation of results and derivation of implications for policy and remediation. These dimensions are often addressed separately, and this is one of the reasons why a comprehensive picture of the problem is lacking.
Networking of experts and institutions from different relevant disciplines and expertise (epidemiology, environmental sciences, toxicology, geography, policy etc) and with different mandates and institutional roles (primary aetiologic research, risk assessment, health impact assessment, international coordination) is likely to fill such gap.

Potential impact of COST Action IS1408

The benefits concern scientific, societal, environmental and public health aspects. Action’activities will result in the collection, formulation and dissemination of information and advice on contaminated areas, environment and human health. This information will address methodology, risk evaluation, risk management and remediation of contaminated sites. The benefits will also concern the identification and dissemination of research resources and tools on how to assess environmental health risks in contaminated sites, including consideration of health and social inequalities; provision of guidance and resources on risk communication on environmental health risks in contaminated areas, including the transfer of scientific findings into the policy making process.

Target groups/end users

The end users of the expected results are all the European entities with responsibilities in public health, and in research, management and communication processes related to industrially contaminated sites. These include governments at various levels (national, regional, local), government agencies, health authorities, environmental protection agencies, and the research community.

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