Andreja Kukec – STSM 33176

Andreja Kukec – STSM 33176

Main points of the COST-STSM-IS1408-33716

Name: Andreja Kukec
Home institution: Centre of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana and Slovenia National Institute of Public Health
Host institution: Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH)  Basel, Switzerland
Official Host: Kees de Hoogh
Duration: 10th  to 16th  April 2016

STSM Topic: Methods and tools for environmental health assessments in Industrially Contaminated Sites

Description of the main results obtained from the STSM
  • Use of health and environmental data from Slovenian Industrial contaminated areas for HHIA purposes (Holistic health impact assessment).
  • Statistical analysis of health and environmental data in Zasavje Region standardized for potential confounding, using Poisson regression analysis.
  • Drafting of scientific articles concerning: a) linkage of health and environmental data in highly complex terrain in Zasavje region for evidence base decision making; b) methodological scientific articles in highly complex terrains: developing model for HHIA.
  • Exploratory literature review concerning exposure and birth outcomes.
Future collaboration with the host institution
  • Finalize scientific collaborative publications.
  • Preparing protocols for human biomonitoring studies in the most industrial polluted areas in Slovenia/ Switzerland. Preparing good examples useful for COST Action IS1408.
  • Preparing protocols for cohort studies in Zasavje region, Slovenia (evidence based, accounting for different environmental contaminations and health outcomes).

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