Final Plenary Action’s Conference

Final Plenary Action’s Conference

Dear Members of the Action Management Committee and Core Group, dear Action participants,

I am pleased to confirm that the last MC meeting in Bonn, the Final Plenary Conference of our Action will be held in:

Rome (Italy), on 21-22 February 2019, at the Italian Institute of Health.

The last grant period of the Action has just started and we have one year onward to  achieve the production of the Action Guidance Documents. Many goals have been already attained.

To cite only the last one, also thanks to our Action, and to your support, the issue of contaminated sites and health is now, for the first time, a priority in the Agenda of 53 Member States the 6th Ministerial Conference for Environment and Health.

You can find the Action Consensus Statement in English and Russian officially presented in the last meeting of the European Environment and Health Task Force (EHTF) (20-21 March, Bonn), and the Final Report of the Action Training School and posters.  

A further key step will be the analyses of the Action Questionnaires related to the list of 100 ICSs selected by participating countries. This survey will allow us to estimate needs and priorities in terms of data, methods, and tools each country has in facing the environmental health issues related to ICS. This will be the basis to define a guidance on the most suitable approaches to tackle the complex heterogeneous scenarios of ICS across Europe.

I wish to encourage you to complete the survey coordinated by Piedad Martin-Olmedo.

We are going to invite to the last Action Conference many representatives from EC, EU bodies, WHO and other international organization.

Needless to say that presence of each of you will be important.

Thank you and best wishes to all.                                                         

Ivano Iavarone, Action’s Chair

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