1st Teaching planning meeting – London, UK – 7-8 April, 2016

1st Teaching planning meeting – London, UK – 7-8 April, 2016

A Teaching planning meeting is taking place in London, 7-8 April 2016.
It is centred on the training issues related to the Action objectives, tasks and goals, including planning for the 1st training school of the Action to be held in the 2nd Grant Period.

Two Action training schools will be held at year 2 and 4. Each Action Working Group (WG), accordingly to its own tasks, should contribute to develop training Modules for Early Career Investigators (ECIs) on “Environmental health in contaminated sites”.

Possible issues are:

WG1 – training modules on criteria and requirements to standardize and harmonize the collection, validation and organization of data on environment, health and other characteristics of populations residing in Industrially Contaminated Sites (ICSs).

WG2 – tools and methods to evaluate population exposure to environmental pollutants in ICS, including Human Biomonitoring.

WG3 – teaching modules on different methods and approaches to estimate the impact of leaving in ICS:

1) geographic descriptive epi-studies based on a priori evaluation of the scientific evidence of the exposure/health outcome associations;
2) Environmental Burden of Disease (EBD) linked with more general Health Impact Assessment (HIA) methods;
3) Integrated Environmental and HIA.

WG4 – modules on information and communication strategies, including issues of environmental health inequalities and environmental justice and the transfer of scientific findings into the policy making process.

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) will be also addressed during the meeting.

Programme of the meeting

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